Amber gemstones

The name 'Amber' was derived from the word 'ambre' from Middle English, 'ambra' from Medieval Latin and 'anbar amergris' from Arabic. Let us look at how amber was made.

Amber is the fossilized resin from ancient forests. This aromatic resin dripped from and oozed down the trees, and filled the internal fissures. During this process it ended up trapping debris such as seeds, leaves, feathers and insects. Through a process of natural polymerization of the original organic compounds the resin got buried and fossilized. The majority of amber that is found today is approximately 30-90 million years old.
Amber - Legends The early Germans called this Baltic amber by the name of 'Bernstein', due to the sweet smell it emitted when burnt. The Greeks called it 'Elektron' due to its properties of developing static electricity when rubbed. In the local markets of India, amber is known as 'Kerba'.

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