Apatite gemstones

Apatite is said to enhance one’s insight, learning abilities and creativity, and to give increased self-confidence. It also is said to help achieve deeper states of meditation. Using apatite is said to facilitate the desired results when working with other crystals. Apatite is also believed by crystal healers to be useful in improving one’s coordination, strengthening muscles, suppressing hunger and easing hypertension.

Apatite is actually three different minerals depending on the predominance of either fluorine, chlorine or the hydroxyl group: calcium (fluoro, chloro, hydroxyl) phosphate. These ions can freely substitute in the crystal lattice and all three are usually present in every crystal although some specimens are almost 100% pure in one group. Gem-quality apatite is rare, particularly over one carat. The color is often due to the presence of rare earth elements and includes green, yellow, blue, violet, and a yellow-green variety, originally mined in Spain, commonly called asparagus stone because of its similarity in color to the vegetable. Cat’s eye apatites also exist.

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